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EMAIL: **Please email both of us


BVE Office 927-3550 Classroom Extension 5026

Attendance Line 925-927-3550 ext. 3554


Bev Lathrope & Mary Greeson




We are very excited to be team-teaching this year. It is going to be an exciting and enriching year for each student. Information on various segments of our curriculum appears below:


Readers Workshop:

The structure of this teaching model is that each session begins with a mini-lesson on a reading strategy, students practice the strategy with the teacher and then are released to practice the strategy as they read independently. The lesson wrap-up consists of some kind of a share, a preview of the next day's lesson or possibly an additional layer to the day's lesson. Students will be reading, keeping a reading log during various parts of the year, using post-its to record their thinking, and writing in reading notebooks about ideas they are growing from their reading. The focus in second grade is reading longer and longer books and learning how readers hold onto the story, focusing on reading comprehension, studying characters (their behaviors and motivations), and looking at the arc of a story.


Writers Workshop:

The structure of this teaching model is the same as Readers Workshop, but the content changes. Lessons are focused on all aspects of writing -- idea development, organization of writing, grammar/spelling/punctuation, elaboration, craft, and more. Our goal is to help students become independent, confident writers. Students will write small moment narratives, fiction stories, poetry, information pieces, and opinion pieces. The writing focus is to learn strategies and to practice them again and again. 


Math Workshop:

The workshop structure continues in math instruction. Students participate in number talks, have many different opportunities to share their strategies for problem solving and to learn a variety of different ways to combine and separate numbers so that they can use the strategy that works best for them, keeping in mind that we are working towards efficiency. We will be exploring the PROBLEM OF THE MONTH, youcubed activities from Stanford, Three Act Tasks, Open Middle problems, juicy problems, and more!



Students will have lab and/or literacy sessions each week with Mrs. Peirce in the Science Lab. We are piloting new Next Generation Science materials this year in both second and fourth grades. The science curriculum is focused on matter, earth's systems, ecosystems, and engineering. In addition to the lessons offered by our science teacher, Mrs. Peirce, many additional lessons, explorations, and study opportunities will be offered in the classroom. In the classroom we will also be exploring engineering activities. Plus, students have the opportunity to become stewards of our school garden through their science instruction.



We are sharing a cart of Chromebooks with two other classrooms, so student access to technology is much more frequent than in the past. Students will be using computers to learn about all of the tools in Google Apps for Education (Docs, Slides, Drawings, etc.). We will also be coding, using Raz Kids, keyboarding, using Reflex Math, and using Lexia. As the year progresses, we will add additional tech activities. Our goal is to use technology in an authentic way.



Our LPIE Art instructor is Suzette Hackett, and she visits us about every other Monday throughout the year for a 1-hour lesson. In addition, we are exposed to lots of different art media through classroom activities that include drawing, painting, weaving, oil pastels, and much more. 



We meet with our second grade peers for weekly PE activities that include games, skills, parachute play, and more. We will also have our second grade PE specialist (Mrs. Greeson) work with us once a week on skills as required by our second grade standards. Other days of the week, we will play class games and work on eye-hand coordination, along with gross motor skills such as running, jumping, and skipping, and object control skills like kicking and throwing. There are many opportunities for movement throughout each day.